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Drone Pilot Course (FAA Part 107).
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Flying a drone is awesome.  But maybe your passion soars with flying the CAMERA!  For those pilots who want to up their photography and videography skills, we’ve created the most in-depth course available.  Our instructors will have you maximizing your Part 107 Commercial UAS privileges FAST!


During this hands-on course, you will be instructed on how to best setup your drone’s camera, then take flight to capture imagery.  Our instructors will train you on how to get the shots that keep people watching.  After image capture, you will be guided on how to work with your images in post production, including color correction and rendering.

Your course will contain:

-The Drone Videographer’s Pre-Flight Checklist™
-Safety Protocols
-Understanding the remote control
-Airspace Do’s / Dont’s Review
-Camera Science
-Maximizing your image with Manual Mode
-Understanding your shooting modes
-Working with filters (ND, CPL, etc)
-Advanced flight techniques and movements that “get the shot"
-Simultaneous piloting & camera operations
-post production and color correction workflow


Meet your instructor:

A.J. Van Loo is owner and operator of Vandelay Productions. His work includes a wide array of projects including film, tv pilots, music videos, real estate, commercial advertising, live events, and more.  Of all of the endeavors Van Loo has undertaken, his passion culminates in the mixed environment of camera science and aviation; that is the drone industry.Because of his love for drones and his passion to share knowledge Van Loo is a great and accessible teacher who makes learning easy and fun.  Networking with this industry pro is one of the best investments you can make.